Tools for the future of O&M in renewable energy

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

It is too intuitive and difficult to talk about the future however, what we can be sure of today is that major changes to the energy sector of the coming years are getting closer, and specifically to renewable energy and its competitors: coal, nuclear power and gas. we are well aware of the advances of energy and indeed, we know that the growth of energies such as solar and wind is making huge strides, however it is more complex to talk about the future without a certain scepticism.

For example, one thing we do know is that solar power will experience significant growth. It is undeniable that solar PV is à la mode and that it is possibly the cheapest clean energy of them all. However a recent development of past years is that both the cost of PV modules and their power output have significantly improved.

Por Jorge Magán, Director Gerente de Ingeteam Service