Transition towards the electric vehicle will positively impact jobs in Spain’s automotive industry

FuturENERGY December 2021-January 2022

La transición al vehículo eléctrico tendrá un impacto positivo en el empleo de la automoción en España

The Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the Electric Vehicle (AEDIVE) has presented a report drawn up by Boston Consulting Group entitled “Transition towards the electric vehicle. Employment Observatory: Study and analysis on the evolution of jobs in Spain’s industrial e-mobility ecosystem”. The study examines how replacing the combustion engine with an electric motor will affect employment in Spain to 2030. It concludes that industry will benefit from the development of the electric vehicle, as there will be a transfer of labour from the traditional automotive sector towards industries associated with energy and charging infrastructures.

Historically, the automotive industry has been a direct and indirect driver of employment in Spain. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, automakers were producing approximately 2.9 million light vehicles in Spain. Production fell sharply during the pandemic and is not expected to return to these manufacturing volumes in the next ten years.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are going to play a vital role in the recovery of this industry, as they are determining factors for achieving the zero-carbon emission target. The transition towards EVs is already underway and is accelerating at global scale.