Three reasons why power plants need smarter supply chains

    With the global increase in energy demand, especially in developing nations, there is a real need to maximise power generation. New facilities are being commissioned and existing facilities are either being expanded or pushed for greater output at lower cost. The focus on eliminating waste and increasing efficiency and productivity is intense.

    In addition, emerging market economies are being impacted by unnecessary power outages which make the industry uncompetitive, slow down development and expose governments and private utilities to public criticism. In South Africa for example, as well as in several other African countries, down-time is typically caused not only by a shortage of power generation capabilities and assets but also by poor planning and overdue repair and maintenance works. There is an immediate need to improve maintenance planning which, in turn, will sustain limited generating capacity for longer, with less interruption and at lower cost.

    A well-designed, fully integrated supply chain can make a significant contribution to eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and productivity and sustaining generating capacity. Jonathan Shortis, Vice President, EMEA – DHL Energy Sector provides three compelling reasons why today’s power plants need smarter materials supply chains. Read more…

    Jonathan Shortis
    Vice President, EMEA – DHL Energy Sector

    Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015