Trina Solar launches Vertex 510 W module, powering rooftop energy transformation in Europe

Trina Solar lanza el módulo Vertex 510 W, que impulsa la transformación energética de los tejados en Europa

Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, has launched its new Vertex 510 W black frame module, with a clear mission to expand its ultra-high power range and boost solar energy on large rooftops throughout Europe. Rooftop solar PV is an opportunity for businesses and public authorities to both lower their carbon emissions and harness solar energy to power their operations cost-effectively, generate income and increase energy security.

Making rooftop solar more rewarding

The new Vertex 510W black frame module, TSM-DE18M.08(II), is an addition to the ultra-high power rooftop module range, which also includes Vertex S 410 W modules with black frame or in full black. As all Vertex modules, the 510 W product features 210mm cells and high-density interconnect technology to deliver up to 21.2% module efficiency. The latest multi busbar technology also ensures better light trapping, lower series resistance and improved current collection resulting in more uniform loads and better performance.

An aesthetically versatile monochrome look and simpler product options means that 510 W Vertex modules will suit a variety of rooftops. Installers and distributors can stock, supply and use one universal product for their schemes.

Taking rooftop reliability to a new level

Reliability is essential for the wider adoption of rooftop solar power. The 510W black frame module has been designed to ensure both mechanical and system reliability.

•          Modules are made using a proven, tried and tested technology and manufactured using premium materials in Trina Solar’s brand new fully automated Vertex super factories.

•          Modules feature the non-destructive cutting pioneered by Trina Solar, which significantly enhances cell and module level mechanical strength and resistance against cell micro cracking.

•          Intense rounds of performance and quality testing have been undertaken with the modules exceeding the industry standard hail test (35mm) as well as snow and wind loads (6,000 Pa and 2,400 Pa respectively).

•          Trina Solar designed the modules with system optimization in mind and to ensure compatibility with mainstream inverters and mounting structures for rooftops.

This focus on quality and customer value is further proven by the 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty offered by Trina Solar for the new 510 W black frame modules.

Why returns on investment are looking up

The 510 W black frame modules have been designed to make commercial rooftop solar power a viable investment for businesses. As well as helping to meet sustainability and zero carbon targets, greater power produced, reduced energy cost, increased reliability, and lower system cost investments are recouped faster, and returns are greater.

Grants and funding may also be available in some countries for the introduction of rooftop solar power – especially in light of the introduction of the EU’s ambitious Renovation Wave programme, which aims to double the rate at which the existing building stock is renovated, with special emphasis on zero-carbon, energy reduction and sustainability.

Gonzalo de la Viña, Head of European Module Business at Trina Solar, commented: “Commercial rooftops across Europe represent a vast untapped source of solar energy real estate – and by their very nature offer the ideal sites for net carbon, energy saving and environmentally friendly power. Trina Solar’s new 510 W black frame module will help businesses leverage this opportunity and drive a fundamental change in the transition to rooftop power across Europe.”

Source: Trina Solar