TrinaTracker ratifies its tracker stability with the implementation of a complete wind tunnel test

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

TrinaTracker ratifica la estabilidad de sus seguidores con un completo ensayo en túnel de viento

TrinaTracker has ratified the stability of its Agile 1P and Vanguard 2P tracker series in extreme weather conditions, by performing a series of wind tunnel tests in collaboration with leading wind consultancy firms, CPP and RWDI. The tracker designs were further optimised in line with the data gathered during the tests.

One of the most recent and important technical advances in PV technology, is the introduction of large-format modules, whose size has grown at a dizzying pace in a very short period, to exceed 600 W of per unit capacity. One such example is the Vertex 670 Series from Trina Solar, with a 670 W output that can produce up to 34% more energy compared to modules from the 500 W+ range. In general, the use of new products always represents challenges for PV plant design, and in particular, large-format modules impose conditioning factors on the solar trackers.

PV tracking systems represent a critical investment for asset owners and investors who expect long-lasting and reliable systems to optimise returns. Nowadays, PV plants are installed in a whole range of sites, many with challenging terrain characteristics and extreme weather conditions.

By Marisa González Berrocal

Global Communications and Marketing Manager, TrinaTracker