TSK inaugurates in El Salvador the largest PV plant in Central America

The Providencia Solar photovoltaic plant, the most powerful in Central America with 101MWp, started to inject its electricity into the Salvadoran network last April 10. A total of 320,000 PV modules are already operating at full capacity.

The opening ceremony on May 2 was attended by the Vice President of the Republic of El Salvador, Oscar Ortiz, the Minister of Economy, Tharsis Salomón Pérez, as well as other government officials and representatives of the plant owners.


This project, which involved an investment of $ 151 million, will avoid the production of 163,800 MWh of thermal energy per year and the annual emission of 114,500 tons of CO2. In addition, Providencia Solar will contribute to the communities in the area by allocating 3% of the plant’s revenue, or about $ 500,000 per year, to investment in social projects.

Source: TSK