TSK is awarded a €362 M solar complex in Kuwait

TSK will construct the first solar plant in Kuwait, the 60 MW Project is divided into a 50 MW thermal solar plant and a 10 MW photovoltaic plant, the installation will be situated in the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park. In the thermal solar plant, TSK will use its own technology for the parabolic trough collectors – specifically the SKAL-ET system, designed by their German affiliate Flagsol. The thermal storage system, that will have a capacity of 9 hours due to the use of melted salts, will also be designed completely by TSK, in this case from its technology center in Gijón, Spain, which will turn this plant into one of few with the largest storage capacity in the world. The thermal storage technology gives this type of plants a high level of manageability, being able to supply electricity in a stable 24-hour manner and allowing it to respond to every period of energy consumption demand. These plants, at the same time, will have a management system of the energy produced with both technologies- thermal solar and photovoltaic-, which will represent great progress in the integration of renewable energy on the electric grid by means of the incorporation of this auxiliary service to the grid manager. Under the turn key contract, TSK will carry out the engineering, supply, construction and start-up of the entire installation.

The Shagaya Renewable Energy Park, situated in the north of the country, at about 100 km for the capital (Kuwait City) has been designed and developed by the Ministry of Electricity and Water and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and will be operating in 2017. In 2030 it will have 2,000 MW of installed capacity and forms a part of the Government’s Plan to produce 15% of its total energy needs by means of renewable energy sources.

The Minister of Electricity and Water, the Minister of Planning and the Minister of Education as well as the Ambassador of Spain in Kuwait were present at the contract signing.

After the acquisition of the German Company Flagsol in December 2013, TSK has become world leader in solar technology, for the number of projects executed as well as for their own technological solutions developed by the Gijón, Spain-based Company, having participated in the construction of 11 thermal solar plants and 45 photovoltaic plants, the majority constructed as turn-key projects, in Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Honduras, USA, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico or Morocco, which represent more than 1,000 MW of installed power.

It is important to note that this Project is joined to the most recent award to TSK in Dubai for the construction of one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the world with an installed power of 260 MW, several raw material handling installations in Saudi Arabia or an industrial pier in Jordan, converting the Middle East region into one of the most important for the Spanish firm.

Since the beginning of the year TSK has won important projects in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, reaching a record contracting value of more than €800 M. In the light of the first half of the year data, the evolution of the backlog and the current economic environment, TSK maintains its 2015 outlook of substantially exceeding the figures reached last year, both in sales and in earnings.