Modular approach to CSP technology

    Advanced steam turbines and a distributed tower solar field

    Renewable sources of electrical energy need to be increasingly deployed to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as much as possible. CSP represents a promising and currently rapidly evolving renewable energy segment. Both the solar field, forming the essential of CSP block, and steam turbine generator with its auxiliary components, traditionally seen as a standard part of any power block, require an innovative approach to make it competitive. Doosan Sˇkoda Power has designed dedicated steam turbine generators in the range of 20-300 MW for CSP applications based on a widely-applied turbine modular design. While power blocks are supplied to large-scale CSP projects, a long-term partnership with CSP start-up Vast Solar is being used to gain additional insight into the operational and planning aspects of medium-scale CSP projects.

    Steam turbine manufacturers are investing heavily into the development of technologies for large ultra-super critical units, highly efficient and flexible turbines for combined cycles and in the design of compact high-speed turbines for special applications.

    Through advances in materials, numerical optimisation methods, improved manufacturing techniques, advanced instrumentation and control, steam turbine technology is quickly maturing, boosting turbine performance mainly due to higher inlet steam parameters and superior internal aero-efficiency. Steam turbines for CSP applications need to intelligently combine all these aspects. Read more…

    Lubos Prchlík
    Director of Turbogenerator Product Doosan Skoda Power

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2015