Apart from a good location and views, hotel users demand more services, including for example: Wi-Fi, a spa-jacuzzi, a rated restaurant, a review on TripAdvisor, a meeting room and now, respect for the environment and a good energy certification. New demands and challenges cause the hotel sector to adjust to these new requirements in order to provide their customers with a positive response, offering increasingly personalised services, innovative design, sustainability and respect for the environment, all the while, maintaining a balance in the management costs of the hotel.

Customised service provides added value for the hotel. A dynamic and flexible solution allows the hotel to adapt to the needs of each guest at any time. For Somfy, the curtains, blinds, screens and shutters of the building play a key part in terms of both material comfort and privacy.

All these elements have a triple role: protection (light control, protection of private spaces), regulation (thermal comfort) and the creation of an atmosphere (changing natural light, transforming areas).

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2014