The management of the urban metabolism, understood as being the management of resources such as water, energy, waste, emissions into the atmosphere and noise, was and continues to be one of the essential priorities of A Coruña in its quest to become a more sustainable city.

To become a Smart City of reference, A Coruña has been developing different initiatives designed to monitor environmental quality, to minimise the impact of pollution and to efficiently manage natural resources and energy by orientating urban projects towards initiatives that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

With this goal in mind, activities have been undertaken in different municipal areas: in municipal buildings and installations such as the introduction of continuous systems to measure the energy consumed in 51 municipal departments (whose management has obtained the UNE EN ISO 50001:2011 certification), the production of biogas from solid urban waste and the use of CHP plants in some sports complexes.

Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014