Practical application for the smart city. Smart city micro-ecosystems

    One of the most typical discussions, whether we are talking about smart city or urban innovation, revolves around understanding the place occupied by theory and where the practical application of the concepts really starts. In many discussions and to many who with good reason ask for this clarification, the concepts are either complex or we complicate them or at other times the utopia of certain political stances removes them from reality and real-life practice.

    What appears to be increasingly clear is that the conceptualisation of the smart cities model cannot wait for the creation of a traditional strategic process that is implemented by an action plan and that measures the outcome over an estimated period of three or five years.

    There has to be a strategy, of course, however processes must be allowed to be immediately conceptualised, to encourage open innovation processes that favour the proximity of citizens, understanding and, most importantly, entrepreneurship.

    Francisco Morcillo
    Consultor / Consultant & Blogger 2TI #Smartcity
    CEO MB3 GESTIÓN y CoFounder Fiveminds,
    Ecosistema de Innovación

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015