Universal energy monitoring platform for PV installations

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

A PV installation is a complex system requiring the monitoring of multiple components and variables: strings, control and protection panels, fuses, isolators, overvoltage protections, inverters, production meters, weather variables, voltage, AC and DC measurements, and so on. A malfunction in any of these components can lead to a considerable fall in plant production, with the consequent impact on its amortisation. As such, the ability to monitor a PV installation is vital for correct plant operation. The solution from Carlo Gavazzi is able to monitor every variable of the PV installation as well as those relating to energy efficiency.

Monitoring can instantly detect major and minor faults, such as inverter failure or faults in the communication and disconnection devices (AC and DC). It can also improve plant efficiency by detecting problems in the PV generator: low-yield arrays, cable breaks, AC short circuits, shading, dirt, diode boxes, etc.