Uruguay leads the way in unprecedented energy transformation

Uruguay has been mentioned in recent months as a regional and international pioneer in renewable energy, leader in levels of investment per GDP unit destined for electricity and fuels based on new renewable sources, and as the architect of a revolutionary strategy in the field of electricity generation, according to different international entities.

In addition, numerous countries have applied for institutional cooperation along the lines developed in Uruguay, to learn about the processes that are allowing this country achieve goals as ambitious as those proposed. For example by next year, 50% of the country’s global energy mix will originate from renewable sources.

But furthermore, Uruguay will achieve more than a 90% share of the electric grid with at least 38% coming from non-conventional renewable sources. These figures are even more significant when we see that such transformation results in a reduction in the energy costs of the country, with no need to resort to the granting of subsidies.

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2014