Value compared to price

In recent years, CSP energy has experienced solid and sustained growth thanks to the reliability of the technology developed and to some sound competitive bases that have stimulated its development all over the world. Despite the installation of new capacity in Spain having been paralysed since 2013, CSP energy grew its output and management figures during 2015, proving that this technology can cover energy demand during peaks in consumption. It has also confirmed that the learning curve of the plants’ first years in operation has clearly demonstrated its impact by having exceeded the 5 TWh global annual production mark in 2015. This indicates that after an average of five years in operation, CSP plants have gained in efficacy and reliability given that their production increases year on year.

According to recent figures, CSP energy generated 3.9% of Spain’s electricity from June to September, achieving a one-off record for solar generation on 19 June, of 9.4% of the country’s total demand. The contribution to the system by CSP technology has never before reached 9% of demand.

The 49 CSP plants operating in Spain, with an installed capacity of 2,300 MW, contributed 4.4% to power generation in June, 4% in July and August, and 3.1% in September, providing electricity generation figures similar to those of PV energy despite PV’s installed capacity being more than double that of CSP. Read more…

Luis Crespo
President of Protermosolar

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2016