Sustainable Mobility. Electric Vehicle. EVS 28 Special Edition


Our special report focusing on Electric Vehicle is published as part of the April 2015 issue of FuturENERGY and also as a separate report.

It will be distributed to exhibitors and visitors at: EV Everything is Changing (Germany, 28-29 April), EVS 28 (Korea, 3-6 May.), Green Cities & Sostenibilidad (Spain, 7-8 Oct.), Ecartec (Germany, 20-22 Oct.) y Smart City Expo World Congress (Spain, 10-12 Nov.).

This special report includes the following:

COVER STORY: Nissan and sustainable mobility

OVERVIEW: More than 740,000 electric vehicles worldwide already on the road


Jaime Ochogavía. The Balearics and deployment of the electric vehicle
Mariano González. The Autonomous Community of Madrid commits to sustainable mobility
Modesto Mezquita. Valladolid: e-mobility for sustainable growth
Arturo Pérez de Lucia. The highs and lows of the electric vehicle
Jorge González Cortés. The electric vehicle and renewables: symbiosis between the electricity system and the environment

SUSTAINABLE LOGISTICS & MOBILITY. May López (SEUR). Sustainable mobility as a corporate objective


Unplugged Project: inductive charging for the electric vehicle
The electric lane, the solution to the barriers raised by EVS


The smartest way to own a car
Shaping today tomorrow’s mobility

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