Venezuela. The Government takes preventative measures to curb growing electricity demand due to high temperatures

The Venezuelan people have been informed that the measures are being taken to maintain the stability of the SEN, the National Electrical System.

This year, despite the generation of hydroelectric and thermoelectric power, a severe drought and record high temperatures over recent days, attributed to global warming and environmental factors, has resulted in the National Executive deciding to take some preventative measures. These include reducing the working day to six consecutive hours; the inspection and taxation of both public and private sector users; encouraging the use of own generators; and a 10% reduction in consumption by the private sector.

As regards residential users, citizens are being urged to make a rational and efficient use of energy, for example, by keeping temperatures to 23ºC when using air conditioning units. To complement these measures, 11 million energy-efficient light bulbs are expected to be installed during May all over the country to help bring down electricity demand by residential users.