Vestas introduces new 3 MW wind turbine variant

V126-3.3 MW, Denmark. Courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S

The V136-3.45 MW wind turbine is the newest variant of the proven 3 MW platform, which Vestas continuously optimises to strengthen its product offerings. Raising the bar for low-wind site performance, the V136-3.45 MW wind turbine combines Vestas’ largest onshore rotor diameter, the Vestas-patented Large Diameter Steel Tower technology, and Vestas’ most advanced blade design to-date. The new wind turbine enables Vestas to increase annual energy production by more than 10 percent compared to the V126-3.3 MW, while at the same reduces both levelised cost of energy and sound emissions in low-wind conditions.

Anders Vedel, Executive Vice President for Technology and Service Solutions, says that: “Combining advanced technology and the proven performance of the 3 MW platform enables the V136-3.45 MW to reduce the cost of energy even further. The bigger rotor, taller tower, and advanced aerofoil blade design make this new wind turbine variant ideal for low-wind sites, which comprise an increasingly important market segment in some countries.”

The first V136-3.45 MW wind turbine is expected to be installed at the Østerild national test center for large turbines in northwestern Denmark during 2016. It is expected to be ready for serial production in the second half of 2017.