Sustainable social housing

Implementation of Europe 2020 targets and access to funding

Increasing the level of investments in energy efficiency and in renewable energy is a key challenge so that cities can comply with the EU 2020 objectives to become smart cities, sustainable and integrated. Helping the managers of co-owned public and private properties improve the energy performance of modest homes forms part of the SuSoh project on sustainable social housing that proposes energy efficiency products and services for buildings, along with innovative funding schemes and European pilot projects that provide a basis for future models.

Making progress towards a low-carbon economy that makes efficient use of its resources forms part of the EU2020 targets put forward by the European Union so that by 2020 it has turned into a smart, sustainable and integrated economy.

EU cities play a key role in achieving these objectives as, “they represent a landmark for urban sustainability and are frequently seen as pioneers in the application of innovative solutions to environmental issues, including initiatives relating to the energy efficiency of resources and the green economy in line with Europe 2020”.

Isabell Büschel, European Relations, ENACE
Alfredo Paz, General Directorate, ENACE

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015