Voice control to activate and control KNX efficient installations

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

Total communication with an automated house or building is now possible thanks to Voice Control from Jung, one of Europe’s leaders in electrical mechanisms and automation systems who, by taking advantage of the benefits offered by the IoT (Internet of Things) and its use in buildings, is now offering increased efficiency, comfort, security and accessibility for any type of installation.

In days prior to the technological revolution, it was only possible to interact with homes and commercial establishments via a mobile phone. The reality today is quite different. An increasing number of people use their smartphones to perform actions that used to only be possible via switches or push buttons. Jung has taken a step forward as part of this revolution with its Voice Control solution, which is able to activate and control KNX installations using the voice. For example, with the command “Alexa, turn on the light”, the system can activate any switch.

The applications of Jung’s Voice Control include temperature control and lighting management, as well as control over accesses and alarms, thereby offering added value in terms of security as well as accessibility for people with reduced mobility. All the user has to do is say the command out loud to simply have almost every element of their home or establishment at their service, a fact that makes day-to-day living easier, improving quality of life and providing a control over business activities. Moreover, thanks to the infinite number of devices compatible with the KNX efficient solutions from Jung, such as Philips Hue smart lighting and Sonos multimedia devices, the options for customising your space are endless.