Wärtsilä supplies two power plants in Russia

Wärtsilä has been contracted to supply two combined heat and power (CHP) plants to Russia’s Chelyabinsk oblast, in the South Urals region. The power plants are a part of the local administration’s programme to upgrade the district heating system by replacing outdated boiler plants with modern power generation technology.
The two power plants are built for Perspektiva LLC, a private investment company, and will be located in the towns of Kasli and Karabash. Both power plants will have an output of 20 MW and will be powered by Wärtsilä 34SG engines operating on natural gas. Along with emergency boilers, the power plants will be the sole suppliers of heat to the towns they serve, each comprising approximately 17 thousand inhabitants. Electricity will be fed to the grid. The deliveries are scheduled to be completed by June 2014, and the two plants are planned to be operational in the autumn of 2014 in time for the winter heating season.
The local administration’s programme to upgrade and renew the district heating system is high on its agenda due to the positive impact for the local communities. Replacement of the old boilers by cogeneration plants will significantly improve the fuel utilisation rate by producing extra power, and will thus improve both the economic and environmental performance of the combined system. Proven technology and a reliable supplier were important requirements imposed by the local authorities.
The comprehensive scope of supply includes the generating sets and all mechanical and electrical systems, including heat recovery. In Kasli, the equipment will be installed in a separate building that is also part of the supply, while in Karabash, the equipment will be fitted into an existing boiler house. The plants have been engineered to accommodate a high degree of modularity, which will enable repetitive use of the solution in similar projects throughout the country.
Wärtsilä has delivered more than 50 power plants to Russia. Earlier this year, Wärtsilä received an order for a 110 MW power plant in the town of Tikhvin, near St. Petersburg, which will be the largest combustion engine power plant in Russia. This installation, along with the two new power plant orders, represents the new concept of flexible power generation known as Smart Power Generation.