Water management for heated swimming pools. Case study: Altzate Sports Centre

SediREC from Sedical is designed for the energy and volumetric management of water in heated swimming pools providing very high levels of energy efficiency. This system, able to manage one or several pools in the same sports centre all day long, has already been installed in different facilities, achieving excellent results that are even better than the forecasts made prior to installation. One such facility is the Altzate municipal sports centre in Lezo (Gipuzkoa), where the SediREC system has been in operation for nearly two years, achieving monthly savings on the energy bill of more than €2,000/month.

Inaugurated in 2001, the Altzate sports complex houses two swimming pools: the main pool (large) and a small pool which is used for aqua-gym, hydrotherapy and children’s swimming lessons. The total volume of both pools is 571 m3. Prior to the installation of the SediREC system in May 2013, management of the pools’ renovation water, essential to guarantee the required water quality, represented a cost of €3.76/m3, generating a monthly expenditure of €2,512. Table 1 provides an analysis of the operating situation of these swimming pools before installation of the SediREC system.

The custom of cleaning the filters for 5 minutes every 3 days for the large pool and 5 minutes every 2 days for the small pool, involved extracting a considerable volume of water from the filter with the associated energy loss being compensated for by means of boilers. Read more…

Eduardo Cortina
Head of Engineering, Northern Region at SEDICAL, S.A. – Manufacturer
Iban Pérez
Commercial Director, INEQSPORT, S.L. – Official distributor

Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2016