Why installers need to offer their clients real self-consumption systems?

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

¿Por qué el instalador debe ofrecer a sus clientes un sistema de autoconsumo de verdad?

The electrical installers’ sector in Spain is facing a huge opportunity to diversify their activity and increase their market niche in times as hard as these imposed on us by COVID-19. This opportunity has arisen due to the introduction of smart energy storage systems, such as sonnenBatterie, into domestic solar PV installations.

The first aspect that the installer must take into account is to fully understand what the concept of real self-consumption actually means. Real self-consumption refers to maximising a domestic solar PV installation in such a way that the user necessarily achieves optimal electric self-sufficiency. In other words, using the minimum possible amount of energy from the conventional power grid 24 hours a day, during which time the home needs a constant, quality and uninterrupted energy supply.

Other synonyms for the term “self-sufficiency” are autarchy or energy independence. This is achieved by adding a smart energy storage battery to the solar PV installation. A sonnen battery is able to achieve a level of self-sufficiency of more than 95%.

By Albert López. Technological Journalist