Wind power, the vector of change for the energy transition

FuturENERGY Dec.19 - Jan. 2020

2019 has represented a fundamental year for driving the growth of wind power in Spain. The year has been characterised by several major milestones for the Spanish wind power sector: the ambitious European commitment to achieve the binding renewable energy target of 32% by 2030; the development of the draft National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC in its Spanish acronym) as the appropriate pathway to positioning Spain as leader in renewable energy; and the solution to the stability of the rate of reasonable return with the approval of Royal Decree-Law 17/2019 which extends the current rate of reasonable return for renewable energy, CHP and waste-to-energy plants for the next 12 years. These are all steps in the right direction and, in part, the result of dialogue between institutions and industry, a prerequisite for the success of the desired energy planning… By Juan Virgilio Márquez. CEO of AEE, the Spanish Wind Energy Association.