Wind Power. Wind farm life extension. O&M


Special report focusing on the wind power market, published as a separate issue to the September 2017 edition of FuturENERGY for special distribution at the Workshop on New Challenges O&M, Industry 4.0, organised by Ingeteam and held in Albacete on 14 September; and the International Workshop about Wind Farm Life Extension, organised by the Spanish Wind Energy Association, AEE, and held in Madrid the days 19 and 20 of September, at which FuturENERGY has an active presence as media partner.

This special report includes the following:

INGETEAM SERVICE continues its international expansion, consolidating its leadership in O&M

Renewables in the Spanish electrical system in 2016. Wind power, the main source of renewable electricity

Wind farm life extension: a new challenge for the sector in Spain
Deciding the best action scenario for wind farm life extension
Plant SCADA retrofitting quickly and simply helps extend wind farm service life
Early planning of life extension can increase wind project margins by additional 2%
The way forward for used wind power equipment

Drone inspection and maintenance of wind turbines
Diversification and internationalisation: keys to the success of ISPs in the renewable sector

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