WINDSOURCING.COM exclusive sales partner for SikaCor SW- 1000 RepaCor, corrosion protection for wind turbines

In 2015, WINDSOURCING.COM welcomed Sika Deutschland GmbH on board as a supply partner, and since then has been a trade partner for the Swiss manufacturer’s entire wind energy product range.

As a result of the RepaKORR joint research project, Sika Germany GmbH developed SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor. This product innovation is a revolution in the repair of corrosion damage to onshore and offshore wind turbines. The solvent-free two-component coating dries four hours faster than conventional systems. The practical packaging in the form of mixing cartridges makes the product easier to process, so that industrial climbers only have to carry a low weight during their repair work, thus guaranteeing complete process safety with minimal waste.


Other properties of SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor include a high level of impact and abrasion resistance. The product is impermeable and demonstrates color stability like two-component polyurethane top coats. Surface-tolerant SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor provides corrosion protection with only one coat, such as a first coat ex works at only 500 μm. This has been confirmed in successful tests and certification in accordance with ISO 20340.

During the RepaKORR research project, funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research, the material, technical and organizational bases for an on-site repair concept were developed. The focus of this project was on a high-performance coating material modified to meet the key requirements of the project, with Sika Germany GmbH in charge of its development as the research partner with sole responsibility. Intensive development work resulted in the new product, SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor, which combines all of the properties of long-lasting corrosion protection, particularly in the case of repair measures.

As a specialist dealer for the wind energy industry, WINDSOURCING.COM was selected by Sika as its exclusive supply partner for the new product in the aftersales service market for the wind industry in Europe.