offers free product training for corrosion protection on wind turbines

In cooperation with Sika Deutschland, is again offering this year a free product training for customers from the wind energy and hydraulic steel structures sector. The training will cover the use of SikaCor® SW-1000 RepaCor for the professional repair of corrosion protection of onshore and offshore wind turbines and hydraulic steel structures.

The event is aimed at all service companies involved in the maintenance and repair of wind turbines and water structures. It consists of a theoretical part and practical exercises. “The aim is that the participants will be able to reliably use the product themselves after the training and pass on the knowledge to their employees“, says Stefan Weber, Founder and Managing Director of, the Hamburg-based trading company. He is enthusiastic about SikaCor® SW-1000 RepaCor: “Various practical applications in recent months have confirmed this: The product is a revolution in the repair of corrosion damage to on- and offshore wind turbines and hydraulic steel structures.

Revolutionizing wind turbine repair with Sika

The use of wind power, especially on the open sea, demands the highest standards of corrosion protection – and thus maintenance – due to the mechanical and climatic conditions. “A long and therefore profitable service life of the turbines can only be achieved with conscientious maintenance,” explains Weber. “The turbines cannot simply be transported away, especially on the high seas. All work has to be carried out on site in all weathers – often by industrial climbers, who have limited access to heavy tools and materials. In addition, protective coatings must dry and harden quickly due to the weather“, Weber continues. This is exactly where SikaCor® SW-1000 RepaCor comes into play.