With government support for renewables, Webatt doubles its discount

Special promotion for sonnen Network Partners

To accompany the current support of the Spanish Government for renewable energies and electricity self-consumption, Webatt is offering sonnen Network Partners double the discount on the purchase of single-phase equipment. Webatt manages the Germany company’s Partner Programme which is geared towards businesses with a focus on PV self-consumption and accredits them as official installers of intelligent sonnenBatterie systems in Spain. The single-phase equipment promotion will run while stocks last.

The sonnen Partner Programme aims to equip Spain’s leading PV installers with the necessary tools so that they can offer their clients sonnen’s intelligent energy storage systems as well as the ability to install the equipment themselves. In a first phase, under which they become a network partner, the programme provides the installer with enough know-how to understand the equipment and its advantages, as well as personalised guidance during the first three installations undertaken. In a second phase, they receive validated certification training to become a certified partner.

The Partner Programme for installing sonnen batteries is progressing at a good pace

Although the sonnen Partner Programme is currently undergoing a major dissemination campaign, the German company already has 11 Certified Partners, 9 Network Partners and a further 14 firms on the point of formally signing up to the programme.

In anticipation of a new round of certification over the coming months, the first session, which took place in Catalonia a month ago, saw 23 PV installers from eight different companies achieving certification.

The course, accredited by sonnen and the first of its type to be held in Spain, was given by sonnen and Webatt engineers, who explained the technical details of the equipment and the information required for its optimal installation. With this training, installers can bring added value to the service they offer their clients and be authorised by the manufacturer to install the sonnenBatteries by themselves.

New hybrid equipment from sonnen

Webatt has launched a new range of intelligent hybrid self-consumption equipment with a capacity of between 6 and 16 kWh. Its main advantage is that it incorporates the solar inverter, eliminating the need to install it next to the sonnenBatterie, thus representing a saving of €2,000 on the final cost of the installation.

Solar inverters are required so that the installation is able to consume the energy produced by the PV installation immediately, by transforming continuous current into alternating current.

webatt2sonnen vs. Tesla: specialisation, durability, adaptability and stock

The sonnen equipment is a storage solution exclusively designed for use in the home. As sonnen only makes intelligent equipment for private use its specialisation is guaranteed.

The sonnen equipment is also the longest-lasting on the market, with 10,000 charging cycles guaranteed by the manufacturer, which translate into more than 25 years of use, assigning just 20% of the storage capacity. The number of cycles and discharge depth of the sonnenBatterie makes it the most competitive solution when taking into account the cost per charging cycle. They require no maintenance although, in the event of any incident, Webatt offers technical support to installers and clients.

The sonnen equipment, unlike others, easily adapts to the electricity consumption profile of every home given that the system is available in different storage capacities due to its scalable and modular approach (2 kWh to 48 kWh – in blocks of 2 kWh).

Finally, and also unlike other companies, sonnen offers immediate equipment availability as it benefits from a sufficiently sized stock that enables them to ship with no waiting time.

Webatt: the catalyst for the energy transition in Spain

Thanks to its relationship with sonnen, Webatt is setting out to be the driving force behind Spain’s energy transition, promoting, together with other companies, associations and public entities, a new and more sustainable energy model based on renewable energy that will allow private homes to become more energy independent.

Webatt was created in 2017 out of a joint initiative from electrical power distributor and supplier Bassols Energía and Wattia Innova, a state company of reference dedicated to energy efficiency.

sonnen was founded in Germany in 2010, dedicated to the manufacturing of electrical power storage equipment exclusively for private homes. It currently enjoys 33% of the global market share.